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IPIX Viewer 5.803

An excellent fisheye panoramic image viewer (with iPix technology)
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iPix is an image format that is getting more and more popular these days. By taking 2 pictures with a special photo camera (called 'fisheye') and joining them, multimedia authors can create stunning images to enhance the realism offered from within a web site or multimedia product, the panoramic views.
Ergo, iPix Viewer is a desktop application that enables any user to see any iPix file in offline mode. You can still get amazed with online panoramic presentations using an ActiveX or Java plugin to visualize the image, but if you don't have Java installed (or Internet connection available), and need to quickly visualize an iPix file, you can download this 900 KB program and watch it without any problem. It is very useful to use this from within a CD-ROM multimedia application.
The Viewer allows you to navigate the images in the same way as the online methods: you can rotate, tilt, and zoom the images, using your keyboard or mouse.
Moreover, you can "execute" the hotspots defined in the iPix file, if available.
Of course, it's just a viewer...you cannot create iPix files from within this program.

Review summary


  • Very handy, simple to use, fast download


  • Works fine, just the dialogs appearance are a little weird
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